Christ’s Table – Sun Evenings Mar 16-Apr 6

In the days of early Christianity, people gathered in homes to hear the good news about the one called Jesus of Nazareth.  Over simple meals, they shared stories of his miracles, his parables, and his healing words of salvation.  Two or more gathered in his name and broke bread.  As they explored the meaning of his life on this earth, they witnessed to the power of Christ’s spirit among them.  These gatherings formed the early church and these stories would become the texts we now know as the Gospels.

We invite you to gather with us in Christ’s name this Lenten season as we share a simple meal and the stories of Jesus of Nazareth.  Come join us and explore just as the early Christians may have done.  Come, let us break bread together every Sunday Evening March 16 to April 6 at 6:30 pm.  Please bring a soup bowl.  All are Welcome!