Good Friday Service – April 18

Everything in the universe vibrates and everything also has its own resonant frequency including every organ, bone, and tissue of your body.  This contributes to our overall harmonic of health and when we are out of tune we develop disease.  Sound and vibration therapy restores correct resonance to the parts of your body that are out of harmony.  Sound waves travel from the outer ear throughout the body from the 10th cranial nerve connecting the brain to all major organs.  This effect slows heart rate and breathing, improves digestion and relives pain leaving you in a relaxed state that will allow your body to begin to heal itself.

Join us and David Ascenza from Gaian Rhythm in this amazing experience as we bring your body into alignment with your higher self through the power of sound.  Connect to your Hallelujah at our Good Friday Service on April 18 at 7:00 pm.