Bible Study

Bible Study resumes on Wednesday, September 23rd, at 9:30 a.m. in the Memorial Room and everyone is invited to attend.  I love leading Bible Study; it’s one of my favorite responsibilities/opportunities of ministry.  Whether you’ve studied at seminaries or never ever before engaged in Bible Study, perhaps fearful about how little background you have; I promise to never make anyone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.  We will begin this fall with a study entitled “Parables:  Stories for Life in God’s World.”  As the guide says, “Jesus was the master of the parable.  Deceptively simple, these timeless stories were used by Jesus to bring new life to old ways.”  The student resource book is $16, checks may be made out to the church and I will order them; you are welcome to attend without purchasing the guide.  Please plan to participate.

-Rev. Dr. Robert Wright