Selecting a Search Committee

The search for our new pastor is one of the most spiritual ministries of our church. The selection of the Search Committee members is a task that is approached with prayer, wisdom, sensitivity and awareness.  The Church Council invites persons of the congregation to submit nominations to the moderator.  Those who submit nominations may include a brief description of why that person would be an asset to the committee.  (You may nominate yourself.)  Not all nominees can be selected.  A committee of nine members will be selected by the council and will be presented for approval to the church at an all-church meeting, (the process according to our by-laws).  The congregation should submit their written nominations to the church moderator,   Bev York.  As much as possible, the committee will be selected to include an equal representation of men and women, young and old, new and longtime members, as well as persons with involvement in varied aspects of church life.  The members should reflect the diversity of the congregation.  An accurate description of the responsibilities of members of the search committee will be mailed to each member in early September.